Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Irritation for the human race

The human race can be the most obnoxious, irritating and just damn right rude things you will ever encouter in your life. Yes, we have good things, but this post is going to focus on the bad: call me a pessimist, I don't care.
Down below I have complied a list of things that people do that really make me want to lose all of my morals and punch the person in the face. I am not saying I am not guilty of doing all of these things because lets face it I have probably done all of these things, but they still annoy the crap out of me.

*disclaimer; may be some foul language but it is kept to a minimum and also this is not my best writing, instead it was written as a rant, I apologise, half decent blog posts will resume as normal shortly*

  • people who think they are better than everyone else
Why? Who gave you divine right to think you are better than anyone else? Who do you think you are? Just because you may have a better upbringing/more money/better morals etc, so what? You are just a bad a person as they are but just for a whole different reason. 
  • stubbornness
I respect morals and holding your ground, but there comes a point where its just like, COME ON, loosen up stop being selfish and ignorant. Because that's what stubbornness effectively is it's just being selfish, when it gets to the point where you actually stop others for having fun because you wont do things any other way except your own.
  • when you can actually smell the bulls**t when someone is sprouting a story to you 
(excuse the potty mouth, but I believe it was necessary)
I don't understand why you would want to tell a story that is completely made up just to make you look good. NO, just don't do it, don't lie, you WILL get caught out and end up looking like a complete idiot. Just don't do it, if you feel yourself wanting to tell a story of lies, go into another room and put a bin on your head.
  • people who kiss ass 
Look, I get it, you like this person but the sun does not shine out of their ass. You just sound like an idiot when all you do is compliment them, especially when what you're saying is complete rubbish. Stooooop it please, for your sake if not my own because I will sit on you.
  • people who make fun of others just because they are different and make them uncomfortable
Welcome to high school this should be renamed as. Seriously, what gave certain teenagers the right to make others feel unnecessarily uncomfortable just because they don't want to go out and smoke weed and get drunk but would rather do other things? The amount of times someone in my school would take the mick out of me for liking Harry Potter or anything else remotely nerdy was ridiculous: so what if I don't like the same things as you, chances are I probably think you're a dick, so just stop talking to me if you're going to be a douche about me.
  • people who just constantly have to be right about everything
Let me just tell you one thing; you are never right all the time, so my dear, just accept that the probability of you being wrong is possible, just accept it and move away. Especially if there is evidence to prove you are wrong, don't for the love of God keep arguing because you look like a ninny. 
  • those that have so much anger towards a person but never confront the person
What is the point of just being angry with someone and never telling them? If you tell them they might realise that they are being annoying and stop or if they don't agree with you then they will just leave your life, after all if you have so much anger towards them you wont care if they leave. Don't be bitchy behind their back because you will be caught out and you will look like the bad guy. So step up and stop getting walked all over please, have some self-respect.
  • indirect statues/tweets 
Oh God, if there's one thing that makes me want to crumple up the internet over it is indirect statues or tweets. To start off, if you are never going to say it to their face then please DON'T just say it over the internet. Be a grown up about it all and tell the person instead of just hiding behind a computer screen. If you feel like doing an indirect, write it out, then delete it and step away from the internet until you have calmed down.
  • when people suddenly start caring when something happens but didn't give a crap about you before
For example, a boy in my year's father has died from a long battle of cancer; no one cared before he died, now all of a sudden everyone is trying to pretend like they know him. Well no, I'm sorry but if you didn't care before, I'm pretty sure that the boy only wants his friends around him at this sad time. I encourage people to pay their respects but don't over step it and act like their best friend when you have barely uttered a word beforehand. Its like the same thing with suicide; no one cares when they are alive, but as soon as they are dead, suddenly they were the best thing since sliced bread. If you really thought that, how about telling them when they can still respond to you.
  • people who say they didn't study/revise when they actually spent months revising. WHAT IS THE POINT IN LYING ABOUT THAT?
There is no shame in revising, everyone does it at some point. You don't seem more smart just because you say you haven't revised and then get full marks, you just look like a liar. You're not Einstein so please do not try to fool me that you are.
  • people who never ever say sorry even when they know they are wrong
All it is is one word, if you know you are in the wrong, swallow your pride and say sorry because otherwise you drag the argument out longer than it needs to be and you end up looking like a bellend. In the end people will respect you more for admitting you're wrong that being arrogant and insisting you're right.

That will be all for now, but my God if you had seen the first draft of this it was just a collection of obscenities and keyboard smashes because these are the most annoying and irritating traits that people have. There are obviously many more, but these are the collection that have been annoying me recently. I can only apologise but this was written when I was in rant mode, so I apologise for the lack of good writing, but its good to have a moan everyone once in a while, especially when then human population is as annoying as it it.

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