Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The best of YouTube #2

Following this post on videos I enjoyed in February, I thought seeing as its two months later almost to the day, that I would update this list on videos I've really enjoyed.

YouTuber Innuendo Bingo With PointlessBlog
- Thatcher Joe
This is literally the funniest thing I have seen in such a long time, I love both of these YouTubers because of their quick wit and sarcasm, but this video genuinely had me laughing for the entirety. 

The YouTuber Awards
- TylerOakley 
This is another video that had me giggling. If you don't know the majority of the YouTubers that they mention then this may be slightly wasted on you, but if you do know who they are talking about then this is extremely funny (and accurate). 

ChadwSugg Cover

I have known about Chad for a while but only recently checked out his videos, this is by far my favourite of his latest covers. (Also he has just become a dad which is awesome and that video, in which he announces that he is father is very cute, so you should watch that whilst your over there as well.)

Just Keep Breathing
LukeConard and JonD Cover

I really like Luke from his vlogs and I enjoy his music especially when he collabs with others as I feel that his voice compliments others really well. I also found out about We The Kings because of this song and so that is always a plus because the original is already one of my new favourite songs, so thanks Luke!
Just Keep Breathing
We The Kings

this is the original.

Ask Luke! With Chad Sugg

Another instalment from Luke and Chad, this video was filmed a few months previous hence the Christmas related questions but was just recently posted and this is what made me go and check out Chad because his humour in this is so fantastic!

Corey Gray- Once Again Official Music Video
Pretty sure that Corey was on my last YouTube favourite videos, but he is one of my favourite cover artists and so when he released this as an official song, I was not disappointed, it's brilliant.

And a bonus video for all you cat lovers (from again Luke)

As you can probably tell from these two YouTube posts that I like cover music and funny videos from the YouTubers themselves. Right now YouTube is the only website that I am visiting regularly because of these stupid exams because I have to have my daily dose of music and laughter!

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