Friday, 1 March 2013

What a dull week

This week has been nothing but crap. Seriously. My body has basically given up on me and is like "um nope, I will not work with this any longer" and so I have basically been like a walking sloth all week. Coursework has become the bane of my life and I'm about ready to throttle any other teacher that mentions the dreaded sentence "so we are starting our coursework today" because enough is enough I AM ONLY HUMAN, unfortunately I am no robot. The only positive of the week is that I have decided what A-Levels I am taking (English Literature, History, Welsh and ICT, in case you were wondering) and also Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus i bawb which translated means Happy St Davids day everyone. 
So in apologies for my rant about my dull week have an attractive picture of Colin Morgan.
and if that doesn't tickle your pickle marvel at these lovely men
And if none of them take your fancy then here have a cat 
and if that doesn't please you then I suggest you step away from the internet.

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