Sunday, 23 December 2012

My most attractive celebrities

In no particular order...
Daniel Radcliffe, 
In my opinion I think he is the most attractive man to walk this earth

Zac Efron, 
Sorry but who wouldn't have him on their most attractive list?

Ed Sheeran, 
Ed is mainly on here for his amazing personality and the fact that I am completely in love with him in a non-dirty way. Aw.

Logan Lerman, 
Probably isn't the best photo, but this guy is so cute I just want to hug him all day long

Robert Sheehan,
 Primarily for his role of Nathan in Misfits but he is still extremely attractive

Top girl crushes
because they are just simply flawless and I would die to look like them.

Emma Watson 
She is just Hermione personified, and I love her for that so much

Jennifer Lawrence 
Probably my ultimate 'girl crush' I just love how she doesn't conform to the Hollywood standards and is such a badass actress.
Mila Kunis
Everyone knows why shes on here, and if you don't think she is the most unfairly stunning girl in the world, then you are kidding yourself.


  1. Oh my god! I totally get you on basically ever single one! (Not a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence...) AHHHHH...

    1. Yay! I think their attractiveness is completely unfair and should totally not be allowed!! haha