Tuesday, 14 April 2015


The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy
By Sam Maggs
Published: May 2015
Publisher: Quirk Books
Genre: Non-fiction

When Quirk books offered the chance to get an early copy of this book I jumped at the chance, after all I am a proud fangirl, so why on earth would I not want a copy? 

This is a small and incredibly well made little guide on all things fandom and specifically how to cope with being a female in a male dominated group. (although as Sam points out, in this day and age there is pretty much a total 50/50 of male and female geeks and so why on earth women are still questioned about if they really are 'fan enough' baffles me.) 

The first thing I want to point out is the cover, its totally awesome (and I really want a graphic novel from Kelly Bastow who did the illustrations throughout, which again are totally awesome) and under the dust jacket is one of the most awesome hardbacks I've seen, plastered with the TARDIS, a robot, a bow and arrow, just to name a few all topped off with some bows, I want this on a wallpaper. 

Whilst this is a guide for beginners who are just entering the fan world (man, I wish I had this book a few years ago!) even your most experienced fangirl will learn a few things. For example all of the slang of fanfictions are explained, theres a convention guide on what to take with you and what to do and what not to do, a guide on 'fangirl speak' (which is completely necessary if you are a newbie), awesome interviews with iconic female authors and general content creators and so much more. There is also a very helpful resource chapter at the back filled with nerdy shops, websites and tutorials.

What was even more awesome though is the sense of empowerment that this book gave me as a female fan. I have never read any kind of feminist book before, I guess I was pretty daunted by it and assumed they would be preachy. This was nothing like that. Instead it talked about how women (who account for over half of the fandoms) have just as much right to love comics and television shows without being judged, just like can men do. 

The book is written very conversationally and Sam Maggs' humour totally radiates throughout the book making it a really pleasant read and a perfect gift for all of your fangirl friends.

*this book was sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review*

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