Sunday, 13 July 2014

London Film and Comic Con 2014

I attended LFCC and YALC yesterday (12th July). I overall had a very good day but I did have some issues that I felt left a taint on the event. 
First of all, the organisation to actually get into the convention was dire. No one seemed to know where to queue and I ended up in about 5 different queues before I finally got put into the right place this took over two hours. To be honest I only found the right queue because I found other people walking around looking confused with the same tickets as myself.  

Secondly, and probably the most rubbish thing that happened yesterday was, I was at the front of the queue for the standard tickets and so I was let in at exactly 11 AM, so I rushed over to Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones) only to be told that all of her tickets for autograph signings had been sold?? This completely ridiculous, I came all the way from Cardiff to see her and was told that I couldn't, even though there was nothing I could have done. Surely with someone as big as her there should have been some tickets reserved for the standard entry tickets rather than giving them all to the Early Bird tickets, or maybe you should be able to buy the autographs online before the event to ensure that this disappointment doesn't happen to people who may have travelled even further than myself. It sucked because I was really looking forward to meeting her.

Third, the hall itself was so incredibly warm, there was so many people fainting it was ridiculous, I understand this is not anything directly wrong with the company in charge but it also didn't help that the hall was so ridiculously over-crowded, I've been to many comic cons before but I could hardly even look at the stalls because of the amount of people, which was very disappointing. 

However, the YALC part of comic con was fantastic (there will be a separate blog post later in the week about YALC) and should be commended and the stalls that I did get to see were very good quality, its just a shame I couldn't really look. I am not saying that I will not be going again because I most probably will and to be honest I did have a really good day but the organisation was just a little poor and it didn't help that it was so warm. I will hasten to add though that this is my only bad experience with Showmasters and so I wouldn't want to put anyone off going to a comic con, because usually I have had amazing experiences with them in the past and hold them in high esteem. 


  1. Dear Emma, they were definitely still giving them away. It's true that i arrived at 9.20 and got the number VQ ticket number 300 for her autograph, but at around 1-2pm I asked what number they're giving out and they said 900, so you probably asked the wrong person who was a bit annoyed at the moment (not excusable) but yes I do agree they were completely disorganised and every crew person told me differently when i asked them something that's why I asked quite a few different ones to get accurate information..i'm sorry you missed her, but next time demand a ticket (they don't want fuss so they'll give it to you) or just stand in the queue, like some people did, without the VQ ticket and still got her autograph..

    1. Aw what??! That is so stupid, this is what I mean by the dire organisation :-( That has just made me more annoyed especially because I asked the man who was giving it out and said they had sold out and then I asked someone else who said the same, I guess I just wasn't meant to meet her but it still sucks but I will certainly make more of a fuss next time! Thanks for the comment.