Sunday, 15 September 2013


A few weeks ago I watched the film Parked. It was one of those films that really stays with you even after you've finished watching. The film itself is a small, independent film, I don't even think it was in the cinemas (although I could be wrong). The cast was small and the plot simple: simple, but by no means any less intriguing.

This is a synopsis from IMDb "Fred Daly returns to Ireland with nowhere to live but his car. Then dope-smoking 21-year-old Cathal parks beside him, and brightens up his lonely world. Encouraged by Cathal, Fred meets attractive music teacher Jules. Growing closer, these three outsiders are set on a course that will change their lives forever."

In essence that is exactly the plot, there is no sidelines its just that. Cathal is played by Colin Morgan who is outstanding in the part. Not only is Colin a master of accents but he is able to convey emotions with a simple look. Colm Meaney also plays a brilliant part, he is obviously the more reserved out of the duo but he certainly can hold his own. Despite the fact that these two characters couldn't be any more different they are thrown together and have each other for company. Cathal hasn't had anyone in his life that he can look up to and I truly believe that he wanted to give up the drugs for Fred because he loved and admired Fred, but he was just too far gone.

I am going to make an effort to watch more independent/small films in the future because theres something so special about them. I think that its amazing that small films like Parked are just as brilliant (if not better) than films that have Hollywood backing. Its solely based on the actors and the storyline without all of the theatrics that comes with high budget films. The actors are also more passionate about it because they are not doing it for the money they are purely doing it because they believe in the story and film. Jennifer Lawrence once said that "I love doing independent films, I love being on that 20th hour of free overtime in the freezing cold with the rest of the crew and the only thing that’s keeping you there and motivating you is not money. It’s just the belief and a story that you love enough to do almost anything for…that’s why I do what I do." and I think thats the perfect way to sum up an actor's view on independent films.

I'd definitely recommend Parked, its and emotional and strangely heartwarming film, however do be warned that there is drug use, swearing and sexual references so don't watch if you don't like any of that, however, don't be put off because it is all done beautifully and played out extremely well. 


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