Sunday, 26 May 2013

My opinion on Doctor Who

*This article is inspired because of this article here* whilst I cant honestly say I wholeheartedly agree with the article. There are parts that I do sadly agree with; I say this because I love Doctor Who I honestly do, however, when I say that I am talking more so about the earlier series (1-4). I watch it every week that it is on and I will be buying the series when it comes on out on Itunes. That being said, I cant honestly say that I am 100% happy with the direction that Doctor Who has taken in the past few years. I want to clear one thing up, I don't think that Doctor Who is sexist just because the companions follow the Doctor around. Isn't that the whole point of the companion role? The Doctor is supposed to be a hero and I don't see what is wrong with that.

My biggest problem with Matt Smith's Doctor is that he doesn't seem to have any emotion and in fact the reason why the finale of the seventh series was so good was because it showed the Doctor showing emotion like the good old days of Nine and Ten. He connected with the audience which I don't think he has done all series and to be perfectly honest I haven't liked this series very much. Its left me feeling bored and deflated whereas older episodes left me feeling exhilarated and as if I had been travelling at 100 mph. I don't believe that it is Matt Smith's fault I think its more so the scripts fault.

The best thing about the old companions (Rose, Martha and Donna) is that they had their moments of weakness but they all aided to help save the world on numerous occasions. Amy and Clara haven't had this kind of moment of saving the world but only moments of weakness and being the damsel in distress or in Clara's defence she obviously helped to save the Doctor but that's about as far as her heroic efforts go. Doctor Who used to be about the saving the universe with the help of his friends from inside his little blue box. His life definitely wasn't at the heart of every single episode in a series.

Another thing I am not keen on is River Song. Her storyline into the Doctors life was ridiculously and unnecessarily complicated. I dislike her character a lot and I hate that she is married to the Doctor; they don't show nearly as much chemistry as Ten did with Rose for example and if the Doctor is supposed to be married to her then I would have expected fireworks. I hate that River can fly the TARDIS, because I'm sorry but that's the Doctors job. I just generally don't like her and think she is an annoying character who thinks that she is better than the Doctor.

The kids in this series were also pretty shocking. They were completely and utterly stereotypical which made them one dimensional and boring. You didn't feel connected to them at any point during the 'Nightmare in Silver' episode and just thought that they were pointless and with hundreds of thousands of children all over the world who would kill to be in an episode of Doctor who it makes me question why they chose these two children above anyone else.

I watch Doctor Who more so out of routine but I do still get excited about episodes only to get disappointed 45 minutes later. I feel that Moffat sometimes writes some cracking episodes but then the amount of not so great episodes completely outnumber that. Its upsetting to see that Doctor Who has gone downhill because it really has. Take my dad for example, he has watched Doctor Who since he was about 5 years old and has been an avid fan ending after series 5. He now doesn't have the time of day for it because he doesn't like the writing and the monsters and boring and repetitive and I must say I agree with him.

The episodes are as I say repetitive and too confusing, Doctor Who is supposed to be a children's programme and to be honest I'm sure that grown adults find it confusing and hard to follow. I just miss the old fun Doctor Who where the companion was just as important as the Doctor and who was just as badass and fearless as him. I loved when The Doctor showed emotion and learned from the companions, rather than now when he is the only main character and the companion is just someone he takes along for a ride. (Also why do none of the new companions actually travel with the Doctor all the time? (Like Rose and Donna and Martha did).

The recent series has seen the Doctor on the hunt to try and save his real name from ever being identified, this story had the ability to be amazing: So far it hasn't been. I understand that it has all been in the run up for the fiftieth but come on! add some excitement! Doctor Who isn't about him, its about saving the planet and those far beyond our planet!

I think that Moffat should just stick to writing Sherlock because he does a stellar job doing that but I wish he had left Doctor Who alone. I feel as if this is a really negative review and I am sorry for that but I wouldn't for a moment make you think that I don't love Doctor Who because I certainly do although I do feel as if its going through a rough patch. But I will continue to watch because its Doctor Who and its bound to get better again sometime soon I just hope I don't have to wait 2000 years like Rory did.

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