Thursday, 3 January 2013

My adventures last night with Molly

So last night I solved crimes with Sherlock Holmes and watched him commit his fake suicide, helped Harry defeat the darkest wizard in the world, Join the gang of Misfits as they handle their super powers, travel through time and space accompanying the Doctor and dying over the complete attractiveness of the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Sheehan, Iwan Rheon and Benedict Cumberbatch whilst not even moving from my sofa and duvet with the company of my buddy Molly. 
I also completed my first all-nighter for a very long time, staying up from 1PM (yep, I got up extremely late but felt like a sloth) until 8AM then having 2/3hours sleep and soldering onwards. It was very strange still being up as my mum was getting up to go to work, she thought we were crazy.

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