Saturday, 29 December 2012

New years resolutions

I know every single person makes these new years resolutions and the vast majority never, ever stick to them, myself included, in fact I've usually forgotten about them by the end of January but alas, I am still going to make some and promise myself I will stick to them.

  1. The biggest and most reachable (and possibly the most important) resolution is to make this year is to revise far more than I did last year for my upcoming GCSEs, these are incredibly important (also incredibly boring) but will shape my life, so I suppose I absolutely must put in the work *yawn* 
  2. Be more positive, I'm not known for being the most optimistic person in the world, but I think that I should try to at least see the good in most things before I cast them aside and say I simply cannot do it, this will also help with the whole revision thing. 
  3. Finally, the most clich├ęd resolution, is to save money, but I am going to London and Florida and many other endeavours that will require me to have money, also I have two big birthdays in my family this year and I would like to treat them both. 
So I'm only going to make three in the hope that I keep at least one, but we shall see. 
Happy New Year! 

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