Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Favourite christmas films

Watching Christmas films is an awesome way to get in the festive mood. I basically will watch anything with a Christmas tree in it, but I do have several favourites, ones that I absolutely have to watch every year, or else it doesn't feel like Christmas. 


Who doesn't love Elf? Probably one of the funniest Christmas films that never gets old and can you believe that it was filmed 10 YEARS AGO?! Crazy!

The Grinch
The Grinch is one of my childhood favourites (I'm actually watching it as I write this). Its a truly heart warming film, which I'm sure everyone has seen. I also feel like a Who from Whoville because I am just as crazy about Christmas as they are, I'd feel right at home there!
"is your refrigerator running?" 
"Well yes I suppose"
 "Well then you betta go catch it!"

Grounded is a relatively new film that I brought about two years ago on a whim on boxing day sales because it was only £2, but ended up quite enjoying it, it is about a group of children who are in an airport travelling alone and they get snowed in and of course get in to all kinds of trouble. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas
This is a film that I watch every single Christmas eve without fail and the past couple of year it has not been on so I have had to watch it online, so this year I have decided to buy it on DVD (it hasn't arrived yet). This film is about Jack Skellington who is king of Halloweentown, he discovers Christmas Town, but he doesn't quite understand the concept of it.

Home Alone

You absolutely cannot have a favourite Christmas films list without including the Home Alone trio, (I know there is a fourth but that sucks, so I will not include it in this list). These three films are about Kevin(1&2) and Alex(3) left home alone or in New York (in number 2) with criminals chasing after them. These three films are just hilarious and I seriously recommend them.

A Miracle on 34th Street

This film will have you cheering on Santa Claus when he gets set up for a crime he never committed just because of selfish people from a rival shop. It will have you wearing your badge with pride with the message "I believe in Santa Claus" it is the perfect Christmas film to watch with your family that will fill you will Christmas cheer.

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