Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Eve

So, its safe to say I am very excited for Christmas eve. There's something about spending it with those closest to when everywhere around you is festive and fun. 

In the morning I will be go to see The Hobbit with Molly, [She bribed me to go with her, so in return for seeing it I am gaining some nachos and the possibility of borrowing books from her collection, pretty good bargain on my part ;-)] 


After the cinema my mum is taking us home and I'm going to listen to some Christmas songs with my dad and act like fools for about 20 minutes. My brother is coming home from uni in preparation for Christmas day and afterwards we will be watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, as it is a tradition that we watch it every Christmas eve and we have done ever since I was little.

Merry Christmas, Ho, Ho Ho.

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